Monday, October 03, 2016

Øygarden 03 October - What autumn is all about!

A cracking day all round. Great weather and superb birding,

The first bird of the day was a Common Sandpiper strandsnipe heard from my terrace at Nautnes.

Savi's Warbler sumpsanger (DSLR shot)

Savi's Warbler sumpsanger (mobile phone)

Some very happy ringers with bags full of birds

I started the day with a quick trip to Herdlevær. I was going to do my usual round but a phone call as I left the house changed that. An unidentified warbler had been caught in the half light; by the time I got there it was light enough to identify it as the first Savi's Warbler sumpsanger for the county of Hordaland - and from what I can see from some quick checks also the first autmn record for Norway - all other records are of summer birds. THANK YOU NIGEL - sterling effort!!

Goldcrest fuglekonge are very visible at the moment

Sparrowhawks spurvehauk are common now - typcially following the thrushes on migration

Starling stær

Other migrants picked up at Herdlevær included Yellow-browed Warbler gulbrynsanger, a late Sand Martin sandsvale, Swallow låvesvale, Chiff-chaff gransanger, the first Skylarks sangelerke of the autumn and plenty of the usual thrushes and finches.

Hen Harrier myrhauk at Tjeldstø

I then headed home via the shop and a drive-by at Tjeldstø - this produced a nice Hen Harrier myrhauk pursued by Hooded Crows kråke.

Yellow-browed Warbler gulbrynsanger
Today I realised I haven't taken a single picture of this species this year yet! There was a time we'd document every one of these sprites

After sorting some stuff out at home I headed out again in the afternoon and checked a few localities. Sæle produced at least 10 Blackcap munk and a small flock of Goldfinch stillits as the best birds whilst Breivik turned up another Yellow-browed Warbler gulbrynsanger.

Common Crossbills granskorsnebb, Sparrowhawk spurvehauk and White-tailed Eagles havørn were seen pretty much everywhere. Goldcrests fuglekonge very obviously on the move and a few Chiff-chaff gransanger here and there.

Checking out the new bling

Paparazzi at work

An amusing incident with a Goldcrest fuglekonge happened as I prepared to leave Herdlevær. I had left my car door open and when I sat down and started the car I suddenly noticed there was a Goldcrest fuglekonge sitting on the dashboard. I opened both doors but it seemed quite happy checking out the dog, preening on the back seat and in no hurry to leave the car. Soon everyone had their mobile phones out and were taking pictures of it inside the vehicle. With both doors open this lead to people taking pictures of people taking pictures.

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