Friday, March 17, 2017

Øygarden 17 March 2017 - Bad weather, good bird and some more new in.

Westerly gale with heavy wintery showers - not the most comfortable of conditions!

Took a quick look at a few localities which proved to be quite rewarding.

The first Ringed Plover sandlo of the year was back at the usual place - always nice to see.

Female Goosander laksand - something approaching a rarity in Øygarden

By far the best bird of the day was a female Goosander laksand at Heggøy. This species is almost annual in Øygarden but probably under recorded - Heggøy has hosted this species before. This species is perhaps most often in winter during colder periods where they may be forced to the coast.

Siskin grønnsisik in the garden

A male Siskin grønnsisik in my garden at Nautnes was the first one I have seen locally this year although they were reported from Sture earlier in the year.

Another noteworthy sighting was a Gannet havsule at Tjeldstø - no doubt forced down the fjord by the strong onshore winds. A decent variety of stuff here with a male Teal krikkand, several Lapwing vipe and most of the usual.

Whooper swan sangsvane family at Solberg

Small numbers of Whoopers sangsvane still knocking about here and there - it won't be long now before they move away.

The Heron gråhegre roost at Dåvøy was down to 34 birds today - possibly due to some now seeming to be moving into breeding mode....

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