Sunday, January 21, 2018

Skogsøy 21 January - First trip to Skogsøy

Sunny, fresh southerly breeze.

On this, the sixth day I have actually been in Øygarden this year, it had to be Skogsøy.

There was predictably little passing but as expected this is resulted in the first Gannet havsule of the year along with a small flock of Guillebills alke/lomvi and a light passage of gulls heading south. Excitement was provided by a Peregrine vandrefalk that made a couple of sorties out over the see to attack flocks of Fieldfare gråtrost fleeing the wintery conditions.

Small numbers of Eiders ærfugl on the sea were another local first of the year. Something has happened to the overwintering Eiders here as they seem to becoming ever less numerous....

A couple of White-tailed Eagles havørn put on a decent show and at least one flock of 20 Parrot Crossbills furukorsnebb fed in the woods.

Fish-eating birds with punk rock hairstyles

Female Wigeon brunnakke - a scarce winter bird in Øygarden

The way home produced a Wigeon brunnakke and at least a couple of Tree Sparrows pilfink at Tjeldstø.

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