Monday, January 08, 2018

Øygarden 08 January 2018 - Self-cropping Eagles

I didn't get home until after 1400 so there was very little left in the way of light.

Slavonian Grebe horndykker - massively cropped by myself

White-tailed Eagle havørn cropped by itself.

White-tailed Eagle havørn far enough away to fit in the frame

I popped in at Dåvøy where the White-tailed Eagles havørn autocropped their own images by coming too close to fit in the frame. However, I only took a few seconds out to photograph them as some kind of Pavlovian response. I was a lot more interested in the sea where the regular overwintering Slavonian Grebe horndykker was together with a few Red-breasted Mergansers. At least four Common Snipe enkeltbekkasin were also present here.

Other than the grebe the best birds were a Water Rail vannrikse (Tjeldstø) and a large Peregrine vandrefalk (Solberg) which has something of a Gyr-vibe and may be the same bird I saw a few times late last year.

Elsewhere a couple of small flocks of Parrot Crossbill furukorsnebb, a few Willow Tit granmeis and lots of both Redwing rødvingetrost and Fieldfare gråtrost about.

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