Monday, September 10, 2018

Breivik & Herdlevær 10 September 2018 - Blue Monday turns pink(ish)

Strong SW winds, mostly sunny with some heavy showers.

Not the best start to the day - spent at the office. After I got home I dashed out for a quick evening trip to Herdlevær thinking I would spend half an hour seawatching. However, I didn't even make it to Herdlevær before a rarity turned up and I spent most of my time on this.

First year Rosy Starling rosenstær

The Sparrowhawk spurvehauk that kept things nervous

Having missed all the previous local Rosy Starlings rosenstær this year I managed to find a new one. After the adults in May and a few days ago this was "just" a first year bird. Nevertheless I was happy with this find. Starlings stær are pretty active at the best of times and a hunting Sparrowhawk spurvehauk didn't make them less flighty.

Dunlin myrsnipe

Ringed Plover sandlo

With even less time left to do Herdlevær I dashed round, thoroughly enjoying the strong winds and a heavy shower. Just the usual suspects though with several species of wader noted.

In the last few days I did a day of guiding on Herdla on Saturday which resulted in Curlew Sandpipers tundrasnipe, Grey Plover tundralo and most of the usual waders as well as a couple of White-tailed Eagle havørn and a lone Velvet Scoter sjøorre.

Yesterday I managed a massive hour or so out and managed to catch a southbound Osprey fiskeørn heading south over Tjeldstø - presumably the same bird reported from Herdlevær shortly afterwards.

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