Saturday, April 03, 2010

Skogsøy 03 April 2010 - the Wrens have gone...

A pair of Teal krikkand at Kollsnes
Female Long-tailed Duck havelle at Skogsøy

Gannet havsule

Eider Ærfugl

Crested Tit toppmeis

The most noticable bird was the one that almost didn't show for the second visit in a row - just one singing Wren gjerdesmett today - normally one of the most numerous songsters in the area. Obvious that the very cold winter has taken a formidable toll on this tiny species. In Øygarden as a whole it looks like 80-90% of the population is gone.

The migrants seem to have fared a lot better with Robin rødstrupe, Song Thrush måltrost, Dunnock jernspurv and Redwing rødvingetrost all singing as normal.

A few hours seawatching were rather quiet after the first hour - possibly due to overcast and showert conditions. Only real movement was 100 Gannet havsule heading south, 61 Oystercatcher tjeld, a Red-throated Diver smålom and 50 Cormorant storskarv flying north. Small numbers of Teal krikkand and Greylags grågås also on the move.

As I headed home the weather cleared and flocks of geese and Cormorants headed north on a broad front most of the day.
Only new bird for me today were a couple of Twite bergirisk at Breivik on the way home.

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