Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tjeldstø 29 April 2010 - GREEN-WINGED TEAL!

Male Green-winged Teal amerikakrikkand

Male Green-winged Teal amerikakrikkand (left hand bird) with an Eurasian Teal krikkand

A dull, wet and windy day weatherwise - anything but dull birdwise!

At this time of year I try to check the Teal krikkand for more interesting species - and today it paid off big time with a Green-winged Teal amerikakrikkand which kept together with several Eurasian Teal krikkand. Views were rather distant and the birds seemed restless. I kept my distance in order to not scare it off but it went into hiding.....
This will be the 10th county record and the first for Øygarden if accepted.

Other stuff included at least 15 Common Snipe enkeltbekkasin, three Tufted Duck toppand and most of the usual stuff.
Off back out now to see if it still there - this time with the scope.
19:00 update: I tried unsuccessfully to relocate the bird (but found a Tree Pipit trepiplerke instead!). However, others were more lucky and the bird has just been reported again.


Frode said...

Nice record Julian, really nice!

Ola said...

Gratulerer med flott funn!

Phil Benstead said...

nice one, congratulations!