Sunday, April 11, 2010

Skogsøy 11 April 2010 - Canada Geese

Canada geese kanadagås - great to live in a place where these are a rarity
Cormorants storskarv heading north

Migrating Curlews storspove

Gannet havsule

A calm and sunny day - good migration conditions.

A fairly steady passage of stuff today but the not the hoped for big day. Usual mid April species - a few hundred Common Gulls fiskemåke and smaller numbers of Cormorants storskarv, Common Scoter svartand and Velvet Scoter sjøorre heading north and Shags toppskarv heading south.
Highlight was a pair of Canada geese kanadagås heading north - the species is barely annual in Øygarden. Its even tempting to think these might be the "real thing" given the timing and the location.

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