Thursday, February 04, 2016

Herdlevær 04 February - I'm going to regret this but it was worth it

Another day of north westerly winds with wintry showers, however mostly sunny whilst I was out.

I decided I had to get out and stretch my legs today and put work on the back burner for a couple of hours. This is something I am already regretting and will continue to do so over the weekend as I try to catch up.

Redshank rødstilk - I can crop an image when I need to!

Besides getting some much needed exercise I also saw quite a few birds, some of them were even interesting. Highlight was a very unseasonal Redshank rødstilk - mirroring a similar recent record further inland in the county. This is the first January record for the area - although there is a record from 31 December 1993 as the only real previous winter sighting.

Another nice experience was the first spring migration of the year - a flock of 30 Guillemots lomvi heading north. Most of the usual stuff was also seen including a Curlew storspove, a Little Auk alkekonge on the sea, a few Gannets havsule, White-tailed Eagle havørn etc.

Almost as rare a sighting as the winter Redshank - I met another birder - at the Skogsøy "parking lot" - here there was a Jackdaw kaie - another new species for the year in Øygarden and a typical winter record for this species.

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