Saturday, February 06, 2016

Øygarden 06 February 2016 - Just another couple of days on the costa

Southerly and mostly clear.

Curlew storspove flying past a Shag toppskarv

Typically the only rain that fell came whilst trying to seawatch at Skogsøy. Nothing special to report at all - just a Curlew storspove, nine Gannets havsule and a light northward passage of large gulls.A few White-tailed Eagles havørn were almost the only other birds about.

Two young otters

and mum with fish (short-spined sea scorpion by the looks of things)

At Nautnes a couple of young Otters chased after their mother in front of the house - a very common experience but still delightful,

A drive at dusk to pick up my youngest produced a sighting of an Eagle Owl hubro in the top of a tree.

I did Hjelme Vest yesterday seeing very little. A single Purple Sandpiper fjæreplytt was a very poor showing indeed and in common with Skogsøy today very few seaduck about,

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