Sunday, February 07, 2016

Tjeldstø 07 February 2016 - Onwards and Upwards

South westerly winds with rain during the morning, clearing in the afternoon.

Female Velvet Scoter sjøorre - picture taken from my terrace

Took things very easy today. A Velvet Scoter sjøorre in front of the house was unbelievably the first of the year in Øyarden. How it took so long to see this regular winter visitor remains a mystery.

Brief stops / drive-bys at Solberg and Dåvøy produced little - just the usual White-tailed Eagles havørn and the Heron  gråhegre roost (22 birds today).

The first Greylag grågås of the year

Adult (or very close to it) White-tailed Eagle havørn - one of a minimum of five seen today

A quick check at Tjeldstø once again proved quite productive with the first Greylag grågås of the year - possibly confirming the ID of a lone goose seen in flight from the car a few days ago. More White-tailed Eagles havørn here along with a single Razorbill alke on the sea along with singles of Common Gull fiskemåke, Long-tailed Duck havelle and Common Scoter svartand.

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