Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eastern Norway 11.08-22.08 Incidental birding....

A largely family orientated trip to Hamar and further north to Engerdal in a roundabout kind of way produced some decent incidental sighting.

First year Red-backed Shrike tornskate, Hamar

First year Whinchat buskskvett, Hamar

From a terrace in Hamar on 13.08 a couple of cups of coffee produced a Red-backed Shrike tornskate, a Marsh Harrier sivhauk, Goshawk hønsehauk, two Sparrowhawk spurvehauk and at least one Osprey fiskeørn. Nice.

Up in the mountains in Oppland (Åsdalstjønna) there were still Bluethroat blåstrupe present along with a variety of other passerines.

Siberian Jay lavskrike with blueberry, Engerdal

Plenty of Yellow Wagtails gulerle about in Engerdal with a good mix of adult and young birds

Golden Plover heilo

Roadside Hawk Owl haukugle (actually in Sweden, but not by much)

Small numbers of Tree Pipits trepiplerke still around in Engerdal

One of several Osprey fiskeørn sightings - this one as I was packing the car to leave Engerdal

Engerdal produced most of the usual suspects despite little effort in the field. Siberian Jays lavskrike eating blueberries and mushrooms, more Ospreys fiskeørn and plenty of passerines now moving down into the valleys - Yellow Wagtail gulerle being the most numerous. Predictably not many waders left but still some Whimbrels småspove high up on their breeding grounds, a Greenshank gluttsnipe, small numbers of Common Sandpiper strandsnipe and a single Golden Plover heilo.

A quick shopping trip over to Sweden gave roadside views of Hawk Owl haukugle and Sibe Jay lavskrike.

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