Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Spanish ringed Shag in Øygarden - a first for Norway - or not

Update 31.08.2017:
Following what I believed to be the first record of a Spanish ringed Shag in Norway further information has come to light. It seems that a scheme not registered on the European Colour-ringed Birding site has been started in Rogaland using the same colours and codes as the Spanish scheme. So it is more likely that the bird mentioned below was part of the Norwegian project. To me this is a ridiculous situation as it is within the realms of possibility that birds from UK can be seen in both Norway and Spain such that there is a definite chance of overlapping ranges between these colour ringing projects. Why has the Norwegian project not been registered?  How is it possible for field observers who will probably not be able to read the metal ring to differentiate between these two schemes?

Original post:
Here is an update that I just HAD to post despite not knowing all the details yet. This is what makes birding so great - finding out about stuff like this.

The colour-ringed Shag toppskarv photographed on Saturday WAS ringed in SPAIN!!!

To quote the mail I received:

....We ringed it on 2012 at Lekeitio (Basque Country, northern Spain)......

On Saturday I had already checked a couple of ringing Atlases (both the Norwegian ringmerkingsatlas and the UK's Atlas of Bird Migration - the latter being my favourite book by the way). The Norwegian book did not mention any recoveries from Spain whereas some birds ringed in the UK have turned up there.

To make sure I have visited one of the best websites ever in the world of birding  and done some double checking.

First all the foreign ringed birds recovered in Norway (none from Spain):

and then all the Norwegian ringed birds recovered abroad:

In other words no birds from Norway have been recovered in Spain and no birds from Spain have been recovered in Norway before.

Amazing for a bird that is not considered to move very far!!

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