Friday, August 04, 2017

Øygarden 18 July 2017 - Close but no cigar

Steaming in towards land (and Øygarden) I went on deck for a breath of fresh air to find a flock of six migrating Grey Heron gråhegre attempting to land on the helideck. Unusual behaviour which might have been explained by a Great Skua storjo that turned up at the same time. These birds were only just not in Øygarden....

Great Skua storjo checking out migrating Grey Herons gråhegre¨

Migrating Grey Herons gråhegre a long way out to sea and apparently scared of the skua

The skua checked the herons out but moved on. The herons continued to circle the vessel a few times making a few attempts to settle on the helideck before giving up and moving off to the south.

Nordøy, Øygarden

A few hours later we passed Ø close yet so far from home.

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