Saturday, March 17, 2018

Herdlevær and Tjeldstø 17 March 2018 - Spring, but only just

Calm and sunny.

Warm in the sun where ice is now melting but still freezing at night. Most freshwater still frozen and out of the sun the ground is still rock solid despite the warm sun during the day.

Oystercatcher tjeld

Ringed Plover sandlo

Had my breakfast at Herdlevær today with highlight there being the first Ringed Plover sandlo of the year. Small numbers of Oystercatcher tjeld, a Woodcock rugde and a flock of 40 Purple Sandpipers fjæreplytt were among the other species seen.

Mistle Thrush duetrost

At Tjeldstø I deliberately stayed away from anywhere a mud-probing wader might be but still saw three Woodcock rugde. The best bird of the day was also seen here - a Mistle Thrush duetrost (not quite the first of the year as I also saw one at Skjold yesterday). A couple of Song Thrush måltrost along with small numbers of Redwing rødvingetrost and an increased number of Blackbird svarttrost.

Other stuff at Tjeldstø were a flock of 23 Greylag grågås which were scared up by one of two White-tailed Eagles havørn present. At least one Guillemot lomvi on the sea here too.

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