Saturday, March 03, 2018

Tjeldstø 03 March 2018 - Dead stuff

Overcast with very light snowfall. Slightly warmer today and temperatures may even have risen above freezing briefly. Very light winds again.

The situation for many species remains dire so today I did what I have done in similar circumstances in the past and visited a few wet and boggy areas to feed the birds with finely chopped hot dog sausages. I have no idea if this helps and suspect only Water Rail vannrikse may benefit or even realise that this is food.

Snipe enkeltbekkasin running for cover

Snipe enkeltbekkasin tracks (not from the same bird as above)

2cy Whooper sangsvane, now all on its own.

Desparate Woodcock rugde seen in flight a few places today whilst Snipe enkeltbekkasin seem to be just about hanging in there but are now being chased by corvids when they come out in the open to feed (something they pretty much have to do).

Even the sheep are struggling - this one had attracted the attentions of Ravens ravn and Hooded Crows kråke - carrion eaters are well catered for now with two very large meals a short distance from each other.

It is not just these species that are having a hard time of things - an adult Whooper sangsvane has succumbed at Tjeldstø - possibly one of the parents of the lone youngster present today. Sheep too seem to be struggling....

Finally a short video from yesterday of a Redwing rødvingetrost mining for food in long grass.

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