Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tjeldstø 04 September 2008

Spotted Redshank sotsnipe with Ruff brushane
Spotted Redshank sotsnipe

Black-tailed Godwit svarthalespove with Ruff brushane

Plenty to see in a stroll around the reserve today!

Peregrines vandrefalk were very much in evidence, repeatedly having a go at Hooded Crows kråke, Woodpigeon ringdue and anything else that moved.

Although wader numbers were large what they lacked in quantity they made up for in quality. Highlights were a Black-tailed Godwit svarthalespove and a Spotted Redshank sotsnipe.
Passerines included a Lesser Whitethroat møller in my garden and a Pied Flycatcher svarthvitfluesnapper in the reserve.

If not for the tree and the lack of focus this might have been a reasonable photograph of a Peregrine attacking a Crow.....

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