Monday, September 22, 2008

Tjeldstø 22 September 2008 - Two-barred Crossbill

Male Two-barred Crossbill båndkorsnebb
Willow Warbler løvsanger

It seems the Two-barred Crossbills båndkorsnebb still haven't quite left the area with a small flock present at Tjeldstø today. At least two males were present but, as usual, frustratingly difficult to photograph high in the treetops against a pale sky....
Other migrants included a Common Redstart rødstjert, a couple of Pied Flycatcher svarthvit fluesnapper, a couple of Great spotted Woodpecker flaggspett and a male Blackcap munk.
At least one White-tailed Eagle havørn put up a large flock of gulls out in the fjord.

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