Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Øygarden 09 September 2008

Guillemot lomvi on Hjeltefjord
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Peregrine vandrefalk

Tug of war between two Great Black-backed gulls svartbak

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Great Skua storjo on the attack

A fantastic day out in a boat (thanks Bjørnar!!) in superb weather. The above is just a small selection of the days photos....
Highlights included a couple of Peregrine vandrefalk, a Great Skua storjo, 1100 Eiders ærfugl, and few Black Guillemot teist.

One of the very many Eiders ærfugl seen today

There were plenty of other birds to see including a Wheatear steinskvett flying past the boat towards land and small numbers of waders heading south. A few small flocks of Twite bergirisk fed on the outermost islands.

In Hjeltefjord there were still quite a few Guillemot lomvi on the fjord - a lot more than on the "sea" side of Øygarden.

White wagtail linerle at Tjeldstø

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