Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hernar 03 September 2009

This picture shows the broad base to the beak and the short pale supercillium which ends at the eye. Also shows the white eye ring.
The white outer tail feather shows here (not caused by light shining through tail)

The most complete view in one photo

Close up of beak and face

Above and below Red-backed Shrike tornskate

A typical Hernar day - in other words about 40 species, some good migrants and a potential mega. Hopefully one that won't get away....
Typical view of Garden Warbler hagesanger

First the straightforward stuff. Highlight was a juvenile Red-backed Shrike tornskate, more migrants in the bushes this time around with Blackcap munk, Garden Warbler hagesanger, a few Whichat buskskvett, a Tree Pipit trepiplerke and most of the usual fare. The Twite bergirisk flock now numbering at least 40.

Then onto the more tricky business. A tail-pumping warbler in a tree top gave difficult views and the ID is tricky to me. Some votes have been for Garden Warbler but the bill colour and white outer tail feathers don't match this species. Any comments on the ID are welcome!
Blurred flight shot showing the white outer tail feathers and what looks like a wing panel.

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