Saturday, September 12, 2009

Øygarden 12 September 2009 - forget the migrants, its not happening today

Eagle Owl hubro

Despite meeting three dejected seawatchers at the Skogsøy car park I still embarked on a futile attempt to see some seabird movement. After an hour or so of mediocre passage I gave up and headed back having seen barely the usual suspects.

Rather than do Herdlevær which was well covered by several other birders I went onto other things - and I'm glad I did.

It is easy to forget there are some good birds about that don't need special weather conditions to bring them within range....


Alan Tilmouth said...

Nice find Jules. Seawatching over here has been merde too.

Jochen said...

Holy Crap!! These are wonderful images of an Eagle Owl! I usually only see them perched high up in a quarry's cliff, dozing the day away and sometimes turning a half-opened eye my way.
Your observation must have been breath-taking!
Thanks for sharing it.