Saturday, September 05, 2009

Skogsøy 05 September 2009

Kittiwakes krykkje
Juvenile Great Skua storjo attacking Gannet havsule

Seawatching on days with strong wind in autumn can be a very hit and miss affair at Skogsøy and today must be classified as "miss". Virtually nothing passing, just a juvenile Great Skua storjo and cracking views of a Pergerine vandrefalk as it sped past.

Four Knot polarsnipe, five Kittiwake krykkje, an Arctic Tern rødnebbterne, a Razorbill alke, four Common Scoter svartand and a light passage of Gannets havsule and Cormorants storskarv were all that was seen.

Had to try though....

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