Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hernar 16 September 2009 - Rosefinch at last

Record shots of juvenile Common Rosefinch rosenfink

Spotted Flycatcher gråfluesnapper

Hernar may not be Utsira or Fair Isle but its the closest there is in Øygarden and it produced the goods yet again despite only a "half day" visit....

With the wind in the west I initially began to regret choosing Hernar instead of Skogsøy but after a couple of hours a vaguely familiar call from a dim and distant past set alarm bells ringing. A few minutes of frantic searching later I got some brief and distant views of a Common Rosefinch rosenfink. Later on it came a lot closer but never really posed well for the camera.

Other migrants included a couple of Spotted Flycatcher gråfluesnapper, a Chiff-chaff gransanger and a flock of four Bar-tailed Godwit lappspove. Wrens gjerdesmett obviously on the move too with increased numbers on the island.
Otherwise it was much the usual with Twite bergirisk, a Merlin dvergfalk and a White-tailed Eagle havørn.
Back at home a Garden Warbler hagesanger fed on rowan berries in my garden (where else would a Garden warbler turn up?).

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