Friday, March 11, 2016

Breivik 11 March 2016 - What have I missed....?

Southerly winds and feeling cold.

FINALLY out of the house for a massive hour in the field. This short trip out makes me wonder what I've missed during the recent time spent at home and working.

Looking good for Taiga bean (fabalis) sædgås

A Bean Goose sædgås looking good for Taiga bean (fabalis) sædgås was at Breivik.

One of several pairs of Greylag grågås at Tjeldstø

Starling stær flock

At Tjeldstø there were Lapwings vipe displaying, a flock of Starling stær and many of the ever increasing numbers of Greylag grågås were already paired up and good to go. Four Woodpigeon ringdue here too - new migrants.

Whooper Swan sangsvane

A 15 minute walk in the sunset yesterday evening produced, among other things, a Whooper Swan sangsvane and a flock of eight Lapwing vipe at Tjeldstø.

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