Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Herdlevær 15 March 2016 - Migrants "galore"

Light northerly winds and sunny.

Spent a whopping two hours outside - regretted it later though!

On the way to Herdlevær and picked up what was probably the bird of the day in an Øygarden context - a singing Nuthatch spettmeis. Although one of the commonest and most widespread species in Norway this is absolutely not the case in Øygarden. Small numbers breed and it is possible to see this species with a bit of effort - but normally this is something of an irruptive species. This bird was singing well away from the usual haunts,

Several Gannets havsule seen during a short coffee break

A White-tailed Eagle came pretty close

Herdlevær produced a few bits and bobs in the form of the first Skylark sanglerke and Snow Bunting snøspurv of the year - both of these species were pretty much expected. Rather less predictable were a couple of early Dunlin myrsnipe.

A light passage of Common Gull fiskemåke north and Shag toppskarv south were other sure signs that thngs were moving.

Male Teal krikkand at Kollsnes

Second year Whooper sangsvane at Kollsnes.

On the way home a couple of Teal krikkand flew in at Kollsnes after I had stopped to look at a couple of second year Whooper Swans sangsvane.

At Tjeldstø Greylag grågås numbers were approaching 90.

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