Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Skogsøy 03 May 2017 - Power napping

Sunny and not a breath of wind so not ideal seawatching conditions.

It was generally rather quieter today than the last seawatch. Having averaged less than five hours sleep per night for the last two weeks or so I had to take a half hour break and have a quick nap. Not that it made much difference - I ended up aborting and going back home to work anyway.

Massively cropped record shot of the Fulmar havhest

Twite bergirisk

Wigeon brunnakke heading north with Oystercatcher tjeld

White-tailed Eagle havørn

Best bird today was a Fulmar havhest. Unbelievably this would appear to be the first for the county this year. Otherwise light passage of most of the usual suspects - diver numbers very low again and only Red-throated Diver smålom today. A small flock of Wigeon brunnakke, Brambling bjørkefink and Twite bergirisk were among the passerines,

A male Redstart rødstjert at Kollsnes and two Pinkfeet kortnebbgås on Husvatnet again were among the other sightings today.

Some of the Teal krikkand seen from the house

A flock of 14 Teal krikkand on the sea in front of my house in the evening would incredibly seem to be a new tick on the house list!

No time to download the camera so pics will have to wait, or just not get downloaded which is at least as likely.

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