Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Skogsøy 24 May 2017 - Albatross?!

Light NW winds, mostly clear.

The undoubted highlight was what appeared to be a BLACK-BROWED ALBATROSS SVARTBYNALBATROSS. However, the range was extreme and just a tad too far for me to be able to claim it with good conscience. A large, very long-winged bird which did some "arcing" flight more reminiscent of shearwater than Gannet havsule, flapped very little and had black uppersides to the wings all the way across the back, had a white head and white rear end passed north. It was alone and it never came close to anything else.

A couple of years ago my scope might still have made it but it needs either repairing or replacing.....and who can live without a scope for several weeks?

Otherwise there was a decent northbound passage of Gannets havsule (over 70), small numbers of Red-throated Diver smålom and a Great Northern Diver islom (heading south) in addition to a light movement of Arctic Terns rødnebbterne and a few Fulmar havhest.

Embarrassingly I saw my first local Blackcap munk of the year in the evening.

There has, as usual now, been no time for birding during the last week or so and with the demise of my dog I am no longer forced to be out and about on a daily basis. Over the last few days I have had my first local House Martins taksvale, Swift tårnseiler and more from the terrace.

Many more species now with recently fledged young including Song Thrush måltrost and House Sparrow gråspurv.

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