Monday, May 01, 2017

Skogsøy 30 April 2017 - Back in business at last - Pallid Harrier

After what seems like an eternity I FINALLY went birding for a morning. I really should not have spent the time doing this and should not be writing this blog post either.

I spent the morning seawatching. Despite the light easterly winds the only place to go today was Skogsøy even though the conditions were not ideal. We had a decent seawatch with quite a lot of stuff passing.

Oiled Gannet havsule. An all too common sight.

Adult Gannet havsule as it should be

Mergansers siland heading south

Quite a good day for Oystercatcher tjeld despite it being quite late in the season

Two male and a female Shelduck gravand heading north

Four of the over 70 Tufted Duck toppand that headed north today

Highlights were all four diver species including six White-billed Diver gulnebblom,  a Black-throated Diver storlom and a 2K Great Northern Diver islom heading north. Low numbers of Red-.throated Diver smålom though. Other decent sightings included an Arctic Skua tyvjo, a Whimbrel småspove and what is quite possibly a record count - a massive 71 Tufted Duck toppand.

Red throated Diver N 23
Black throated Diver N 1
Great Northern Diver N 1
White Billed Diver N 6
Northern Gannet N 10
Northern Gannet S 18
Great Cormorant N 27
Great Cormorant S 5
Eurasian Shag N 1
Eurasian Shag S 13
Grey Heron S 2
Shelduck N 3
Teal N 2
Tufted Duck N 71
Eider N 9
Eider S 3
Long tailed duck N 12
Long tailed duck S 4
Common Scoter N 133
Merganser N 25
Merganser S 6
Oystercatcher N 367
Oystercatcher S 10
Golden Plover N 1
Whimbrel N 1
Arctic Skua N 1
Black headed Gull S 1
Common Gull N 190
Lesser black backed Gull S 1
Common Guillemot N 2
Razorbill N 8
Auk N 7

2cy male Pallid Harrier steppehauk

Shortly after two of us left something made me turn around and I glimpsed a wingtip disappearing behind a rocky outcrop, I just knew I had to see what it was - and sure enough a cracking Pallid Harrier steppehauk came into view, circled us briefy and moved rapidly onwards and we lost the bird gaining height over Herldevær. This is the first spring record for the county (and only around the 10th all in).

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