Monday, October 30, 2017

Herdlevær 29 October 2017 - A blustery day

Howling northerly gale but mostly sunny. A rather blustery day.

Today's outing was to Herdlevær with my youngest in tow. At times it was hard for me to remain on my feet, never mind her and in two places I had to hang on tight to her so she wouldn't fall over a precipice or be blown into the sea. This brought some Winnie the Pooh memories back....

A bit on the blustery side today....

This sums the conditions up nicely

Things weren't quite as bad as in the above picture, but not far off. A first year Peregrine vandrefalk was the best sighting and it showed up whilst we were at the windiest place in the whole world. It was so bad that even when I knelt down I still got buffeted so much that it was difficult to not fall over never mind follow a fast moving bird with a telephoto lens.

I got lucky and managed a few shots of an obviously very well fed bird with a bulging crop.

A well fed 1cy Peregrine vandrefalk. Obviously managing to find prey despite (or possibly because of) the strong winds.

Other than that a few Rock Pipits skjærpiplerke, a couple of White-tailed Eagles havørn and a few Gannets havsule were among the few birds that hadn't blown away.

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