Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Skogsøy 04 October 2017 - AT LAST! First day home and a new county tick....

With the strong onshore winds I had to start the day at Skogsøy.

This was predictably an almost waste of time. Good numbers of Gannet havsule, a couple of adult Great Northern Divers islom, Black guillemot teist, Peregrine vandrefalk and White-tailed Eagle havørn aside the trip did not produce the species I was after.

Slightly darker on the back than the Herring Gulls gråmåke present and with no head streaking.
Also rather heavy chested look

Initially confusing I had to count and recount the primaries in these head on flight shots to make sure the pattern was right.

I checked a few localities on the way home and spent a lot of time on a gull that I initially assumed would turn out to be yet another omissus. However, it really stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the other Herring Gulls gråmåke and can really only be a real Yellow-legged Gull gulbeinmåke. I checked artobs and found out I wasn't the first to find this thing....

I will therefore dredge up something from a couple of years ago....

On the passerine side of things plenty of Brambling bjørkefink, small numbers of Twite bergirisk and lots of Blackcap munk. A couple of House Martin taksvale with Swallows låvesvale at Harkestad were a rather late find for this species.

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