Saturday, October 07, 2017

Øygarden 07 October 2017 - Shoveler

Much less wind than the last few days, warm and sunny for most of the day.

Kicked off the day with an exciting phylloscopus heard repeatedly from the terrace during my morning coffee. I dashed out to try and locate it but to no avail. Sounded like proregulus.....

Herdlevær was much quieter than expected given the cracking weather - I had expected some visible migration given that conditions had improved considerably. Barely the usual suspects but a cracking couple of hours to be out and about.

Female Shoveler skjeand

Whinchat buskskvett

Husvatnet was rather better with a nice Whinchat buskskvett giving me the run around for a while before it finally posed nicely. The female Shoveler skjeand was still present too.

A walk at Sæle in the afternoon was again very pleasant without anything very special - a flock of five very vocal White-tailed Eagles havørn, a Nuthatch spettmeis and a couple of Blackcaps munk eating snowberries were the best of the sightings.

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