Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Herdlevær 03 May 2015 - The ultimate sacrifice?

Light winds, sunny.

Obviously a good day to be at Skogsøy - but I made the ultimate sacrifice by going ringing with my youngest instead of seeing the record breaking 40 White-billed Divers gulnebblom that passed today.She wanted to go ringing and I wanted to seawatch - but anything to encourage the next generation so it ended up being Herdlevær.

The ringing area at Herdlevær

Some of the nets....

My youngest with a Meadow Pipit heipiplerke. If she turns to ringing then missing the White-billeds was worth it and then some....

Lesser Redpoll brunsisik

Ringing at Herdlevær

Willow Warbler løvsanger in what must be the most photographed hand in Øygarden.

This was the first day of ringing at Herdlevær - and all of Øygarden's three resident birders were present for this momentous occasion. It will be very interesting to see what this area produces in the future. Today the species caught and ringed were Willow Warbler løvsanger, Chiff-chaff gransanger, the first Common Whitethroat tornsanger of the year, Lesser Redpoll brunsisik, Meadow Pipit heipiplerke and Blue Tit blåmeis.

Plenty of Wheatear steinskvett, a few Twite bergirisk and the usual suspects knocking about.

Tragically the only new species for me in Øygarden today were the long-staying Feral Pigeons bydue.

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