Sunday, May 31, 2015

Skogsøy 31 May 2015 - Skogsøy still going strong

North westerly breeze with a hint of showers early on.

Despite being generally quiet Skogsøy, as usual, produced some good birds. I sat for three hours from 0600 and had, among other things, the following:

Red-throated Diver smålom: 5N
Great Northern Diver islom: 1S (adult)
Gannet havsule: 174N, 2S
Shag toppskarv, 17N, 10S
Heron gråhegre: 1N (obviously migrating)
Brent Goose ringgås: 5N (first for Hordaland this year -. though one was seen inland later in the day)
Common Scoter svartand: 3N, 45S
Merganser siland: 5S
Pomarine Skua polarjo: 3N breaking the 8 O' clock rule!:)
Arctic Skua tyvjo: 2N
Guillemot lomvi: 4N
Razorbill alke: 2N

Gannets havsule were the most numerous species today

Pale phase Arctic Skua tyvjo on the right, Pom Skua polarjo on the left

Pom polarjo

Rock Pipit skjærpiplerke

The very first pale-bellied Brent ringgås of the year

And a small flock of the same later on

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