Monday, May 18, 2015

Øygarden 18 May 2015 - Whimrels

South easterly winds and sunny until around 1500

I took things easy today and just popped in at a couple of places whilst out doing errands.

My first Lesser Whitethroat møller in Øygarden this year sang from my garden as I left for the morning school run.

Above two: One of the Whimbrels småspove at Tjeldstø

Another Whimbrel småspove at Herdlevær

White Wagtail linerle - another result of eating breaksfast at Tjeldstø

A breakfast stop at Tjeldstø produced two nice Whimbrel småspove feeding in the area. They did a nice fly-by allowing me to drop my sandwich and take a couple of snaps of one of them. Although this is in the middle of the peak migration time for this species they don't land all that often - and then generally keep to the west side of Øygarden.

Also in the same area was a flock of 13 Golden Plover heilo along with the five other breeding wader species.

At Breivik the only bird of interest was a singing Skylark sanglerke - one of the few places they attempt to breed at in Øygarden.

A very short stroll at Herdlevær produced another Whimrel småspove feeding in rough grass.

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