Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tjeldstø 16 May 2015 - Easy does it / Tragedy

Light southerly winds and sunny

After a long lie-in I took things easy and didn't get out until nearer midday - often a recipe for not much in the way of birds. I've not managed to find the time to check Tjeldstø very much of late and the main priority was to see if the Black-tailed Godwits svarthalespove reported from there yesterday were still around. Thankfully at least one of them was still present - but flew around a fair bit and was rather vocal.

Black-tailed Godwit svarthalespove

The stroll around the reserve also produced a singing Lesser-spotted Woodpecker dvergspett, a hunting Merlin dvergfalk and plenty more besides.

A Collared Dove tykerdue seen from the kitchen window was the first this year at Nautnes and coupled with yesterday's sighting at Breivik may indicate something of an influx of this species.

However, it was not all good news:

Dead Eagle Owl hubro lying under the power lines that killed it

I found this dead Eagle Owl hubro which was apparently killed by flying into overhead power lines - unfortunately not the first I've found killed in this way. Unfortunately planners don't seem to pay any attention to this kind of thing and tragically this will just keep happening over and over again.

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