Friday, May 29, 2015

Tjeldstø 27-29 May 2015 - Too busy to bird / autumn?

Largely decent weather bit with occasional showers.

A drive-by on 27 May produced a Collared Dove tykerdue.

A short stroll through the north end of the reserve on 28 May was a little more productive with around 20 Golden Plover heilo and at least one Whimbrel småspove present.

Most of the Oystercatcher tjeld flock - late migrants or early failed breeders on their way south?

Rook kornkråke

On 29 May a small flock of six Oystercatcher tjeld were obviously non-breeders. Late migrants or early return migrants? A Rook kornkråke may be the same bird that has been seen on and off in the area for the last couple of months.

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