Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Øygarden 19 May 2015 - More new in

South easterly wind, mostly overcast with periods of both sun and rain.

Tree Pipit trepiplerke

Started the day off with a pre-school ringing trip. This resulted in the first Tree Pipit trepiplerke I've seen in Øygarden this year- but the species has both been seen and trapped in the last few days. The other birds caught included Meadow Pipits heipiplerke, Lesser Redpoll brunsisik and Willow Warber løvsanger.

A short walk at Sæle was pretty quiet but a Blackcap munk sang there, a House Martin taksvale put in an appearance and a Merlin dvergfalk flew over.

Pinkfeet kortnebbgås at Skjold

Three Pinkfeet kortnebbgås fed in fields at Skjold. This felt like a late date for migrant Pinkfeet but the database says this is not really the case at all. Note that this is the number of observations, not the number of birds:

The large pink beak with a black tip is "obvious" here

The bird seems larger than the two adult Common Gulls which are closer

A couple of flight shots

At Tjeldstø a Sand Martin sandsvale had joined the Swallows låvesvale feeding over the lake. An  unusual looking gull caught my attention  initially as it was walking around a lot in the rough ground beside Husvatnet. It was obviously larger than the Common Gulls fiskemåke and had a larger pink bill with a clear-cut black tip. Unfortunately it flew off before I could investigate further.

Spent most of the day working but picked up two Ruff brushane flying over the house during a phone call.

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