Saturday, January 21, 2017

Breivik 21 Janaury 2017 . I should stay at home

Very calm and dull

Took a walk with the dog at Breivik where I added Tree Sparrow pilfink and Fieldfare gråtrost to the local year list. Other than these it was very much the usual with a flock of 40 Greenfinch grønnfink, at least eight Chaffinch bokfink and the usual Crested Tit toppmeis etc

A sandwich break at Alvheim on the way home produced a couple of Great Northern Diver islom on the sea but the ONLY duck present were two Mergansers siland.

Goshawk hønsehauk - taken with the phone through my scope - quite possibly the first time I have tried this.

Cropped from image above

Heavily cropped image of the same bird from the point and pray at full zoom....

The Goshawk is in this picture even though it doesn't even show up as single pixel - part of the view from my terrace

Back home the local corvids warned about the presence of a Goshawk hønsehauk, I had stupidly gone out on the terrace without binoculars and saw a distant accipiter that I thought was this species. I dashed back inside to grab my bins and came outside to see a Sparrowhawk spurvehauk fly over the garden. I didn't like being wrong and took a sweep of the treeline - sure enough the Goshawk hønsehauk had landed in the trees some distance away. Also at least one White-tailed Eagle havørn.

The first Siskin grønnsisik and Meadow Pipit heipiplerke of the year were reported from Sture.

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