Sunday, January 22, 2017

Skogsøy 22 January 2017 - Whisky's last Skogsøy season

Fresh southerly winds, misty at times

I took a quick walk out to Skogsøy and did a short seawatch. There were no real surprises in the 45 minutes I sat there with best bird a nice Great Northern Diver islom heading south. Small numbers of seaduck including a couple of Velvet Scoter sjøorre headed past along with several Gannet havsule and a couple of first winter Kittiwakes krykkje.

My dog, Whisky, is quite well known to many of the local birders as he is my constant birding companion. Of late he has started showing his age (>14 now) and today was more often behind me than the usual running on ahead. It is likely this will be his last Skogsøy season :(

The only new species for the Øygarden 2017 list was a couple of Mealy Redpoll gråsisik from my terrace before I left.

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