Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sør Straumsundet 25 January - How many Woodcock are out there?

Strong southerly winds with light drizzle most of the day.

I only had time for the shortest of walks today and went through a short stretch of coastal woodland, I only saw a few birds but one of them was a Woodcock rugde - Sør Straumsundet is a very good place for this species. Woodcock are often more obvious during periods of cold weather when they concentrate on areas of unfrozen ground - more probably move out to the coast at these times too, This winter must be a good one for this species - the woods must be full of them given the warm and wet conditions. I tend not to spend much time in among the trees but also on Monday I saw one flying out of a wood to feed at dusk. There must be loads of them about. I know the dog gives me an advantage with this species as he often points them out to me - it seems he either hears or smells them in the undergrowth and if I pay attention he shows me where they are - though this was not the case the last three times I have seen them.

Next best on the list was a single Starling stær.

I barely had time to even look out of the window today - but had both White-tailed Eagle havørn and Otter from the living room.

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