Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hjelme Vest 11 January 2017 - More of the usual

Relatively calm but with rain in the morning. Very strong NW wind by the time I got out.

Conditions were rather difficult for Hjelme Vest by the time I got out - it was almost hopeless to pick up stuff on the sea. Correspondingly little was seen - just a few of the usual winter selection out here - including the first Great Northern Diver islom and Gannet havsule of the year. However, one promising aspect of this trip was that there seemed to be quite a number of large gulls out to sea and on/over the more distant islands. Hopefully they'll hang around long enough to be inspected at closer range.

Other stuff seen today included a female Scaup bergand together with a Tufted Duck toppand at Blomvatnet.

A Common Seal steinkobbe turned up in front of the house today - no doubt trying to escape the worst of the weather. A couple of White-tailed Eagle havørn flew overhead - not sure how they thought they might rob the seal of it's prey.

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