Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hjelme Vest 15 January 2017 - WInter wonderland

First snow of the year in Øygarden (the rest of Norway will be laughing at us), A few cm of snow fell yesterday afternoon and through the night, We awoke to calm and sunny conditions,

Given the sea state and the fact that I left the dog's lead in a hard to find place at Hjelme Vest this was the only choice for today's brief outing, Work has meant that too much the weekend has been spent in front of the computer...

Birding Hjelme Vest

View to the south

....and some of the islands

Even the dog was seawatching today!

Woodcock rugde tracks in the snow

It was quite a successful trip with the highlight being a Red-necked Grebe gråstrupedykker. Enough of the usual suspects showed to make it worthwhile with (predictably) Woodcock rugde featuring prominently with one bird seen and tracks of at least two others observed in the snow, At least five Black Guillemot teist were on the sea - another new for the county this year (the outer coast is being pretty much ignored so far - understandable give the number of Hawk Owls haukugle and other goodies inland). A Great Northern Diver islom, 25 Purple Sandpipers fjæreplytt and around 40 Long-tailed Duck havelle were among the other birds noted.

Last (and least) I saw my first Crested Tit toppmeis of the year. Only one White-tailed Eagle havørn here today.

My "good Dad reward" in the evening was Eagle Owl hubro - driving children around can be a good thing!

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