Birding Øygarden - additional information

This blog covers the latest bird news from Øygarden - usually with a local emphasis on what is interesting. In other words a Moorehen sivhøne or a Mute Swan knoppsvane will be mentioned ahead of the far commoner White-tailed Eagle havørn and Crested Tit toppmeis - both of which may be of more interest to visiting birders.

I use the following colour codes on the Norwegian names to indicate something about the interest level. This colour for normal observations, green for the first observation of the year, orange for scarce, various combinations of red, yellow, bold and UPPER CASE for increasing degrees of rairity.

As such this blog is a supplement to my website which gives more information about birding in Øygarden. For more information about some of the places mentioned regularly in this blog see the following links:

Birding Øygarden - a general page covering many localities
Skogsøy - the seawatching pages
Tjeldstø - the best nature reserve in Øygarden (and one of the best in the county of Hordaland)
Hernar - migrants and rarities
Herdlevær - migrants and one of the most popular places for birders

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