Friday, October 28, 2016

Herdlevær 27 October 2016 - Finally some normal autumn weather

Very strong SW winds, but mild and almost no rain.

Finally some normal autumn weather - the protracted period of sunny weather with SE winds has come to an end. It was good while it lasted but now we are back to normal....

Bean Goose sædgås and Pinkfoot kortnebbgås at Breivik

A fabalis Bean Goose sædgås, a Pinkfoot kortnebbgås and two albifrons Whitefronts tundragås were still in the fields at Breivik - also present yesterday afternoon when I drove by.

Purpke Sandpipers fjæreplytt

This bird caught several of these things whilst I watched

An obliging Rock Pipit skjærpiplerke

At Herdlevær things were relatively quiet with the best birds being two late Sanderling sandløper which were sheltering out of the wind with a few Purple Sands fjæreplytt but flew off before I could bring my camera up. A few White-tailed Eagles havørn and most of the usual suspects were also present.

Not much in the way of migrants but Blackbird svarttrost obviously on the move with a few flocks of over 20 feeding in various places.

Back in the garden at Nautnes a male Blackcap munk and a Brambling bjørkefink joined the usual selection of stuff.

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