Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tjeldstø 11 October 2016 - Force of habit

Light SE and sunny again.

I spent even less effort out today, not going for a walk, not even stopping at Husvatnet as I pass during my daily errands as I usually do, Even this did not stop birds turning up and distracting me,

Hauk Owl haukugle

Even though I tried not to notice the Hawk Owl haukugle sitting in a tree beside the road I couldn't help it. I did not stop though and kept driving to keep my appointment. I did alert another birder though and hoped that this might scare the bird off.

Despite this the owl was still present when I passed again a couple of hours later. So I had to take some pictures - not because I bird anymore but because EVERYONE is posting pictures of these things and I'd be very strange not to.

I also did not manage to ignore a Grey Wagtail vintererle flying over the health centre at Rong, or the Crossbills grankorsnebb for that matter....

Just to keep life in my battered old reserve camera I snapped a few bits and bobs from the terrace too,,..

Blue tits blåmeis are conspicuously on the move with large flocks heading over

Rock Pipit skjærpiplerke

Twite bergirisk - it seems to have been a decent year for this species. Much more widespread than they often are.


rixy said...

I assume that you have stopped having your bins with you and that you don't comment other peoples ID now that you've given up this birding thing ;-)

Jules said...

Well my bins are still in the car because I haven't got around to taking them out. There is always so much stuff to carry (daughter, wheelchair, crutches, shopping etc etc) that I simply leave the bins lying on the back seat.

As for the comments I thought a gentle wind-down might help. Looking at a few pictures instead of the real thing to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

My support group say I'm doing well under the circumstances.