Saturday, October 29, 2016

Nautnes 29 October 2016 - An idiotic new for the house list

North west wind, mostly clear,

I started the day off with a new species for Nautnes - a Water Rail vannrikse. This is nothing like as surprising as it might sound - it is a long-awaited species as there is eminently suitable habitat for this species. It is new in as I specifically looked for this species a few times a week or so ago, Water Rails typically appear after periods with strong SW winds and rain - so this one ticks all the boxes.

The Water Rail was less than 100m from the house but I didn't get it on the house list. A Tree Sparrow pilfink turned up in the garden and THIS was a new species - #126. Hard to believe as this is a relatively common species in Øygarden.

Blackcap munk in the garden

Common Scoter svartand taken from the terrace

Raven ravn

Robin rødstrupe

Other stuff in / from the garden included a Dipper fossekall, a Peregrine vandrefalk, Blackcap munk, Brambling bjørkefink, Common Scoter svartand and White-tailed Eagle havørn.

A quick check at a couple of other places produced Common Crossbills grankorsnebb and Waxwing sidensvans at Solberg and Guillemot lomvi and White-tailed Eagles havørn at Tjeldstø.

Strong winds made for some interesting shots.....

Redwings rødvingetrost are very obvious at the moment

LOADS of Blackbirds svarttrost and Redwing rødvingetrost about with many flocks feeding in fields all over the place.

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