Thursday, October 13, 2016

Nautnes 12 October 2016 - Purely social

Calm and sunny.

I see I have some obstacles to overcome now that I have officially stopped birding. Almost the only people I know outside of work are birders. My Mum and my youngest daughter both like to go ringing and the dog still needs a walk. How can one not notice passing birds under such circumstances....? This was a purely social visit.

Collared Dove tyrkerdue at Herdlevær

So it was off to Herdlevær we went. I did not stop and watch the ringing but couldn't fail to notice a flock of four Collared Dove tyrkerdue that landed briefly on a telephone wire and not being entirely deaf it was hard to ignore both the Waxwing sidensvans and a flock of five Bullfinch dompap that headed north over out heads.

Meadow Pipit heipiplerke in evening shade. A splendid example of how auto ISO works....

Most of the largest flock of Wigeon brunnakke ever recorded in Øygarden

In the evening I had to get out with the dog again and had a flock of around 70 Wigeon brunnakke fly over. This would seem to be the biggest flock of Wigeon ever recorded in Øygarden. Not that I care anymore.

I also have a new camera to replace the one that gave up the ghost after a trip to Skogsøy last week - when I still went birding. I'm now unsure what to photograph so I tested some of the new features available (not very well either!)

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