Monday, October 10, 2016

Nautnes 10 October 2016 - I know I gave up but it isn't easy.

Light SE and sunny (tempting to say "as usual"!)

I know I announced that I have officially stopped birding some days ago, but things aren't that simple from my house. I didn't go anywhere to do any birding anywhere BUT I did take a short walk down the road with the dog and a cup of coffee on the terrace.

Cat looking at Cormorant storskarv looking at Cat
Looks like the Cormorant is in the middle of a wood but is only two metres from the high water mark

Migrating Dipper fossekall on the shore in front of my house

The cup of coffee from the terrace produced the first Dipper fossekall of the autumn in Øygarden, a flock of four Goldfinch stillits (new for the house list - species #125), a migrating Bullfinch dompap, a Grey-headed Woodpecker gråspett and a small flock of Twite bergirisk to name but a few. But at no point was I doing any birding whatsoever. Honest.

Another thing from the terrace was an interesting cat / Cormorant face-off. Yesterday the Cormorant storskarv was resting on the shore in front of the house. Today it had moved up to the tree I cut down yesterday (doing my bit for the removal of removal of Sitka spruce!). A cat came by and sat on the same log. I didn't have time to see how it would end so I went outside to see what would happen, The Cormorant stayed put and the cat left at a run.

Common Sandpiper strandsnipe

Curlew storspove

Guillemot lomvi

The walk with the dog produced a late Common Sandpiper strandsnipe, a Curlew storspove and a Guillemot lomvi. Lots of Common Crossbill grankorsnebb and Redpoll gråsisik flying over,

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