Friday, October 07, 2016

Herdlevær 07 October 2016 - Finally a Red-throated Pipit they can't argue with!

Calm and sunny AGAIN.

Indisputable Red-throated Pipit lappiplerke

Once again I received a telephone call just as I left the house. So I went to Herdlevær instead of where I had intended...FINALLY a Red-throated Pipit lappiplerke in the hand. This is very important in Øygarden (and Hordaland in general) as fly-over birds on call are NEVER accepted. I have had this species a number of times over the years but they are impossible to document when not on the ground. My latest record, almost a year ago to the day was recently rejected. Why exactly is this? Had I heard the same call in eastern or northern Norway it would be safe. I learnt the call at Falsterbo where birds are often just fly-overs. Nevermind - it is finally in the bag now.

Redpoll gråsisik.
Check out the bill on this thing. Mega.

Also a lot of Redpolls gråsisik of unknown origin about - quite a number of them with very large bills but not rostrata - I've had these things in my garden before and it would be great to know where they come from....

Didn't really get out today but had Grey-headed Woodpecker gråspett, a Bullfinch dompap and plenty more besides from the house during the course of the day.

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