Monday, November 20, 2006

Øygarden 20 November 2006 - WT Eagles

White-tailed Eagle havørn - no telephoto lens!
Passing squall at Tjeldstø
Once again, just an hour or so out and about but White-tailed Eagle havørn everywhere today with two at Solberg, three at Alvheim and another at Tjeldstø. All but one were juvenile birds - and there may have been some overlap between localities. Best bird was a large falcon at Alvheim, possibly a Gyrfalcon jaktfalk as it looked broader winged than the commoner Peregrine vandrefalk - but views were rather distant.
At Tjeldstø the strong overnight winds had deposited 6 unseasonal Northern Lapwing vipe. Two late Teal krikkand also present here.

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